Fire Monitoring and Assessment Platform (FireMAP)

A More Responsive, Affordable and Safe Method for Mapping Wildland Fires.

Northwest Nazarene University is developing the Fire Monitoring and Assessment Platform (FireMAP), a remote sensing system which will enable monitoring of the extent and severity of wildland fires. The FireMAP system is composed of both the hardware, an off-the-shelf unmanned aerial system (UAS) attached with an image acquisition unit, and the software, a computer program to process and geo-analyze images. After a fire has been extinguished, the UAS will fly over the affected area and acquire images. The acquired images will be georeferenced and mosaicked to create a composite image.  Additional capability will be included in the image analytics allowing for the segmentation and classification of imagery into regions of 1) No Fire, 2) Surface Fire, 3) Passive Crown Fire, and 4) Active Crown Fire. FireMAP provides a responsive, affordable and safe means of mapping wildland fire extent and severity.  This capability can assist with monitoring the affect a fire will have on an ecosystem, compliance with monitoring objectives in the National Cohesive Wildland Fire Management Strategy, the development of post fire recovery plans and updating spatial fuel layers to reflect the effects of a fire on vegetation.

One of our research students, Nicholas Hamilton, was interviewed on the topic of Firemap.